Kickass Wedding Bands


What is a wedding, if not a celebration? And what's a celebration, if not a party? And what is a party, without....the most kickass wedding band you can find?

The fact you're already here, probably means you're planning a fun wedding. So the next thing on the checklist, is sore feet the morning after. Nobody will get the room dancing, flailing, sweating and gasping for their G&T like this bunch of startlingly brilliant bands. 

I've seen them all before, I've danced to them all before. I've sang along (louder than I should have) and I've watched full rooms party to all of these bands. It can be hard to judge a band based on online videos. Seeing them in person is great, but not always easy. So personal recommendations can go a long way, and I'd personally recommend every one of these wedding bands. 

There are videos and song links in each of them, so grab some headphones or turn your speakers up, have a watch, have a dance, then go book one of them. Your feet will hate you for it!!

1. Nick Bruce & His Blinding Lights

A proper rock star, fronting an incredible bunch of musicians. They're not a wedding band, they're an awesome band, that just happen to be playing at your wedding, right?

Funk & soul covers, incredible skills, grooves all night.


2. Franco

It's hard to describe how much fun Franco are. Have a watch of the Bee Gees cover linked below and you'll get a sense for the humour & personality that they bring to their set. That, on top of killer harmonies, relentless party tunes and an unending willingness to flirt their way to the front of the buffet queue. 

Brilliant guys, and a really brilliant band.

3. Pacific

High end, high class, swing, jazz, covers, ceilidh. Pacific are consummate pros. They have an amazing range of tunes and an insane range of talent in the band.

4. Corra

I most recently worked a wedding with Corra just before Christmas, and, as ever, the blew me away. I ended up staying way later than I had planned, photographing the heaving dance floor (and blatantly dancing along on my own). They throw in ceilidh dances through the night, so you never quite want to chop off your feet, but you're never off the floor as the bangers keep on coming. They played Last Christmas that night, and hopefully it's in the set year round now ❤️

5. The Jiggers

If you're looking for a wedding band in Scotland, then chances are you'll be into a bit of a ceilidh. Always great fun (especially with some non-Scots in the crowd). Most people have almost totally forgotten their P7 gym lessons (did everybody pull their sleeves down so they didn't have to hold hands?!). Thankfully, most people at a wedding are a bit more open to stripping the willow. And, The Jiggers are one of the best ceilidh bands around. A revolving line-up of uber talent.

And so, my Top 5 Wedding Bands to get your ass on the dance floor for an all night party. Tell them I sent you, and maybe they'll play some requests for me ☺️

Happy dancing