My name is Euan Robertson.

I'm a photographer living in Glasgow, Scotland with my wife Cat, a cat called Bear, and a baby in the making.

I first discovered photography by shooting bands. I still do loads of this, from small sweaty gigs to T in the Park, it's amazing fun, and definitely informs the way that I approach other types of photography. There are a couple of my shots at the top, and if you fancy, I have a website for that side of my photography at

I love photographing people. I've always been drawn to people pictures.

Capturing characters and stories in photographs is my ultimate goal.


The moments you shared and the moments you missed. The friends, the family, the characters, the belly laughs and the tipsy tears. Your wedding day is full to the brim of the personality that will make it your own. When you look back at your photos, you need to be right back in that moment, doing it all again, nerves, excitement, love, hugs and, obviously...dancing. 

That, for me is what wedding photography is about. Distilling all of those wonderful moments to live over and over, again and again, until you can share them one day with people that will love them as much as you do, even in they laugh at your dodgy 2017 hair-do and fashion sense.

I want to give you a set of photographs that are a beautiful representation of the story of your wedding day as you saw it and as your guests saw it, a true and honest representation of your day. A unique look at what you were doing, who you were with, the jokes you laughed at and the bad dancing you cringed at (unless it's your bad dancing, in which case, you've just got to live with!)

I'll help out and advise where I need to, but I'll never be an overbearing presence on your day. I won't bark instructions and I will never (ever!) tell you to say cheese (boke!)

I won’t be demanding of your time and I won’t keep you from your guests for hours. 

I'll offer advice on what will make for the best photographs and I’ll be working away alongside you capturing your day as it unfolds.



To see some of my work, check my gallery & blog.

To check out some other ace suppliers, here’s a blog I wrote with some of my favourites.

I'm pretty active on Instagram and love to keep in touch on there if you fancy some more photos and bad chat in my stories.

Hopefully you have loads of questions, or even just one, or just fancy a chat. Either way, drop me a line.

E x

While you're having a look at photographers, you should check out the awesome Zoë Alexandra, who caught the amazing photo at the top of me & my wife Cat on our wedding day. Thanks Zoë 😘