My Favourite Venues of 2017

20170624_euan robertson weddings_055.jpg

(that I visited in 2017)

Right, there are SO many wedding venues. In fact, there's already a Top 5 Friday about some of my favourites in Glasgow (so I'm excluding all of those from this list). And this list is obviously short. There are so many more awesome venues, but these are some, for various reasons that I'll go into, were my favourites over the past year. 

One of my favourite parts of this job, is all of the new places I get to visit, and the awesome venues (and non-venues) people make their weddings happen in. So, if you're in the beginning stages of planning a wedding (congrats!) hopefully this will give a little bit of inspiration for some Scottish wedding venues and other spots to explore.

1. The Cow Shed, Crail

Cosied up in the gorgeous East Neuk of Fife, this place jumped straight into my favourites list when I first visited. It's so brilliantly finished, a barn without the fear of a wall falling on you, amazing staff running the place, a blank canvas to do your own thing, good spots for photos (even if it's tipping down) and really close to the beautiful harbour in Crail. I'll go back here any time!

2. Achnagairn Estate

Not quite on my doorstep, but any excuse to visit the highlands is a good excuse. Achnagairn has gotten itself a bit of a reputation as an awesome place to get married. Sometimes the blog/magazine hype is just that. This place though, is a belter! So, my first time there coincided with the snowiest wedding they've had since relaunching the venue a few years ago. It made for a logistically challenging, but stunning day. Camille & Paul, who had me up for their wedding, absolutely bossed the cold weather. The service room, the staff, rooms/cabins for getting ready in the morning, the grounds. It's all just great. Can't wait to get back up there later this year, and hopefully lots more. 


3. Monachyle Mhor

This place is pretty special. Sometimes, a place has some intangible quality that sets it up as being particularly brilliant. This is one of them. Saying that, there are plenty of tangible reasons that this is so great as well. Primarily, the location. Step out the door, go in any direction, and it's stunning. Some of the most beautiful scenery you'll find. And all right there, so you can run out during a break in the rain shower. And don't even start of the food. Holy $hi! the food!! I also got engaged here a couple of years ago, if that's something you're looking for in a venue :)


4. Ravensheugh Log Cabin

Who doesn't want to get married at a log cabin? It's the dream, right? It sounds incredible, and it is. It's also right by the beach (maybe bring a change of shoes for the walk down 😂) which is pretty much my favourite place to be. I grew up on the coast, and love every chance I get to be by (or in!) the sea. A place for people with adventure in their heart, looking for a wedding that nobody is going to forget.


5. Venue? What Venue?

What do you need for a wedding?

  1. Somebody to marry

  2. Somebody to do the marrying

  3. Some pals to sign the paperwork

For some people, no venue is going to tick all the boxes or tickle the fancy. So, sack it. Get married in your favourite place, wherever that may be. Scotland is, for many reasons, bloody great. One of those reasons, is that you can do just that, get married anywhere. Just find somebody (like, an official, not just anybody) willing to climb a hill with you, and the whole country is your wedding venue. A couple of examples of this from this year, was an awesome family wedding on the banks of Loch Ness, where Debi & Ron run a cruise company. They popped some tipis up in a campsite. Perfect wedding! And, Liam & Anne found a spot under the spectacular Buchaille Etive Mhor in Glencoe for their elopement. Another perfect wedding. 

So, let your imagination be the only barrier to finding a perfect wedding venue.