2017 Recap // What A Year

20170729_euan robertson weddings_037.jpg

As I looked through photographs to pull this blog post together, it struck me how much we can really fit into a year. There were times when I felt like I should be working harder, and times when I felt like I desperately wanted a break. I don't remember any time when I felt like I was doing just fine. Strange, isn't it, how we get lost in the moments.

And so it is on looking back, I think that while some days were better, and some were worse, it was a good year. This time of year offers an opportunity for reflection, that isn't often allowed in the midst of the melee. 

In my professional world, I've worked with some of my best couples ever, who totally 'get' that we can create some really cool stuff when we go at it together. Away from weddings, I've worked with some awesome new clients, changed my outlook a little and working in some fun new areas and some exciting new projects. Some of these are in here, some are still in the bag.

In my personal world, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster. I'm ending 2017 with a little over 8 weeks left before my wife, Cat, finally gets to bring our brand-new (and very first) daughter into the world. I'm equal parts out-of-my-mind-excited & totally shitting it. So the rollercoaster breaks through into the New Year at the very top of the ride, with arms in the air.

All of the love to you for following along, dropping in once in a while, finding me for the first time, and for every comment and kind word. Warmest wishes for 2018. Euan x 

WORK (just a little bit)

If you didn't know, I do a lot of photography work outside of the wedding world as well. I don't usually include much on this site (it's all here, if you fancy a look) but it does influence a lot of the ways I work, and so I've dropped a few bits and pieces in below amongst some of the awesome weddings I've been along to photograph this year. 


It's kind of unusual for me to be out without a camera. These are just a few snapshots from this year that I personally really like for one reason or another. Often just for the memories they invoke rather than anything especially technical. There are some pals, some holidays and some strangers.


Every time somebody trusts me with their memories, it's a huge responsibility and privilege. However, I think this year, one moment has stood above the rest. Some very close friends had an unexpectedly (very) early arrival of their beautiful new baby girl. She wasn't due to come along until February, so when we heard that she was on the way in November is was a bit of a shock. Her incredible mums asked me in to take a few shots of their new family a few days after she arrived. I just about held it together and marvelled at what a wonderful family they were already. As well as to see the incredible job that the NHS staff do at making the absolute best of such a tough situation. Such a pleasure to document their little one at the early stages of growing up. For all of the emotion involved, this has to be my favourite set of images from what's been a wild old year.