Weird Things That Happened This Year

Weddings are fun, but sometimes, things can get...out of hand. There have been lots of laughs along the way this year with lots of amazing people, but not everything has gone completely to plan. Some of the weird, painful, embarrassing things that happened at my weddings this year. Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, and the guilty.


1. Barman Tries To Buy Drugs...From The Groom, who is a doctor! 🙃

I'm not sure this needs much more explanation. The groom did find this hilarious, and the barman compensated for the awkward moment with shots of Sambuca (including one for me, which I quickly donated) 

20170311_euan robertson weddings_092.jpg


2. (Drunk) Best Man Runs Over Photographer's Foot 🚗

The photographer (me) left his foot in the way of a soon to be moving Audio 4x4. Private land, so apparently it's fine. He looked a little sheepish, and did apologise. Thanks to some super-kind catering staff who looked after me with ice-packs in the kitchen!

20170422_euan robertson weddings_088.jpg


3. Photographer Rips Trousers (In the most awkward place) 🙈

Not even at the end of the day! And right in the middle of group photographs. What a cringe. I've now got a pair living in the boot of my car! (still cringing)

20170319_euan robertson weddings_023.jpg


4. Weird Tourist Dude Tries To Take Over Photography 😂

In the most epic of locations, in the romantic of fashions, two beautiful souls tied the knot. Then some dude that was driving past decided to pop over for a photo with the bride & groom. Apparently he didn't think I looked like I was doing a very good job. How rude! 

20170609_euan robertson weddings_100.jpg


5. Band Plays Happy Hardcore Version of First Dance (unintentionally, I think) 💃

I'm so glad this bride & groom went with it and enjoyed this for the comedy moment that it turned out to be. An incredible bunch of friends getting straight on to the floor for a rave avoided what could have been an awkward moment and made for a uniquely memorable first dance. Can't imagine the band would look back on it too fondly though 🙉

20171209_happy hardcore_001.jpg



And Because 5 is never enough, a few more, devoid of context...

A Bus Full of Bridesmaids Disappears 🤔

Service Gatecrashed By A Dog 💩

(nearly) Everybody In The Room Did A Speech 🤵🎤🤵🎤🤵🎤🤵🎤🤵🎤🤵🎤🤵🎤🤵🎤🤵

20170311_euan robertson weddings_004.jpg

It's been an awfully fun year, if your eyes are around, a roundup of my 2017 will be floating on by very soon.

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