Things That Will Ruin Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is a big deal. Friends, family, fianceé, fiancé. It can feel like a lot of pressure, all on one day. 

So here is a bit of a heads up.

A friendly warning.

A quick guide to a few of the things that will ruin your wedding day.

Don't say I didn't warn you 😜


1. Worrying About Wedding Weather

"It's like rain, on your wedding day"

No, Alanis, not Ironic, it's bloody typical. Particularly if you opt in for a Scottish wedding. Those things, who'd be a weather forecaster?!




Claire Lee Highlights_060.jpg



get a storm

with a name!





These are things that will happen, regardless of it being your wedding day or not. The weather does not care about your wedding. Rude!

All of these things might seem like potential disaster. And, in some cases, they can be a right pain in the arse. But, none of them will ruin your day like the stress of worrying about them will.

I have no idea how many weddings I've shot in the rain. I do know that none of them have been day-ruiners. My own wedding ceremony changed location 4 times in the 20 minutes pre-service, all because the sky wouldn't make up it's mind. It was a pain at the time as guests carried chairs inside and then out again. But it's a funny story. And seeing photos of my mum run for cover still makes me laugh.

So, delete those 14 weather apps from your phone. Ban any weather chat on the wedding morning.

If it's going to rain, it's going to rain.

The time you spent worrying about it is much better spent laughing with/at your pals who brought sunscreen with them! 


2. Not Trusting Your Wedding Suppliers

MacDonald Studio_001.jpg

A very

trustworthy videographer

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This is Robert, of MacDonald Studio. He's an insured & trained drone pilot, maker of awesome wedding films, and a lovely guy. A wedding supplier you'll never need to worry about. 

A good team of wedding suppliers is a team of wedding suppliers that you never have to think about. The fewer things you need to do on your wedding day, the more you can enjoy it. The people you book should fill you with trust that they're going to get their job done, so you can leave them to it. From having trials for hair & makeup to chatting with your photographer and caterer, there's plenty you can do in advance to make you feel at ease with the people who'll be working on your wedding day.

3. Having No (flexible) Wedding Day Timeline

Nipping out for a couple of minutes to catch the sunset can work out pretty well.

If you're planning a DIY wedding, I know how tempting it can be to let the idea of a wedding schedule vanish in a puff of "that sounds boring". And, just like the weather, worrying too much about times can make for a stress filled day. 

But, and it's a huge but, your team need to know what's going on. You can book an amazing group of suppliers, but if the chef has no idea when the family photos are happening, it's hard to plan dinner. And if the celebrant doesn't know that your pal is doing a 30 minute reading, they can't build their ceremony around that. 

There is




skipping stones

It sounds like a fun filter, and a bit lame. But, having a plan (even a rough one) for when you want things to happen means everybody can be on the same page and team together to make it work for you.

And for my last big but, don't get obsessed with it. Things almost never run exactly to time. And 15 mins 'late' for your first dance isn't a big deal, but at least because of the plan, the band will be ready when you are. 

And to throw back to weather, a bit of flexibility can make a wet weather day much easier to deal with, when we can slip out for some photos in the 5 minute dry spell before your desert!


4. Passing Out Drunk

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You know what, if this is your thing, batter in. Just know that there's no photoshopping you from sleep chair droller to dance floor destroyer!

This sounds patronising, I know. It isn't meant to, but it's easy to lose track when you're in a room full of people that insist on buying you one more, even when all of your hands and pockets are already full of booze!


5. Not Letting Go Of The Wedding Planning

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This is kind of an 'all of the above' cheat for number 5. 

It's your wedding day, people are arriving soon.

You've had your breakfast, read over your speech.

Time to start getting ready. 

The only thing you need to be doing at that point is enjoying yourself. If you think you're going to be worried about everything running (close enough) to plan on the day, it might be an idea trying to hand off some of that stress to an on-the-day coordinator. You can pass on all of the info (and worry) to them ahead of the day and let them deal with the details so you can get on with the important stuff.

In the immortal words of Elsa, "let it go, and enjoy the party" (something like that).


Thanks so much for coming along for another #top5Friday. Let me know if there's anything that should be in here that isn't, or anything that you'd like to see get the top5 treatment sometime soon.

Happy planning,