Wedding Wednesday // Rachel + Calum @ Kinkell Byre

Instagram, Facebook...they're kind of like the greatest hits, or the latest release, right? An awesome place to see the best work that people are producing in their business. I fill my feeds with shots I love from weddings I love. 

But weddings are about so much more than the marquee shot in the mountains. There are hundreds of moments right through the day that make every wedding special, that don't always see the social feeds.

And so, Wedding Wednesday is a deep dive into a wedding I've shot. Much more in depth than a standard blog post. Something to sink your teeth into when you're on the hunt for your wedding photographer. 

This time, it's Rachel + Calum's wedding day at Kinkell Byre in St Andrews. One of the coolest brides you've ever seen, right? And a wedding day to match. So much awesome all the way through. There's so much to love at this venue, and when you add Lazy Sunday catering into the mix, it's not going to be a day you forget.