Top 5 Friday // Photographer Christmas Gift Guide

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If you hang out in my house for any amount of time, it's hard not to know it's nearly Christmas. My wife is a bit of a fiend for all things Winter, and especially Christmas. 

As the days disappear in the build up to the festive season, attention turns to the true essence and spirit of the!

Photographer's are great people to buy gifts for, as there is a HUGE selection of gadgets, toys, tricks and magic to buy. But, all of that choice can be a bit overwhelming.

Before I get into the top 5, something worth pointing out. The actual bones of the image making, the camera & lens, is a pretty personal choice and every person will be after something different. So, unless the hints have been completely unsubtle, this is somewhere it's probably safest to stay away from. 

This list isn't exhaustive, obviously. Rather, a few things that I'm confident any photographer would love (me included!). Hopefully it can start the ideas flowing and get you a few brownie points on Christmas morning. (click the images to head through to purchase or for more info from suppliers).


These are, legit...beautiful. I really, really want one. 

Manufacturer camera straps are UGLY. Grab one of these beauties and do justice to the little magic box hanging around your neck. I love this 'Foxy Brown' (weird name) colour, but that have a variety on the website. 


Impossible Project have been keeping the Polaroid dream alive. As phone cameras are so ubiquitous, the value of a small, printed photograph, is huge. The tangible product is immensely satisfying, and you don't even need a filter. Buy this with a photo album or scrapbook to start putting some memories together.



This is a brilliant tool. Super compact and takes the weight of most cameras. Way more fun than carting a full size tripod around, if that's your bag. (and that's 'Joe-bee', not 'Jaw-bee'!!)


For some reason, photographers seem to have a weird love affair with bags. I don't even know how many I've bought over the years, or how many are hiding away in cupboards unused. The hunt for the perfect bag goes on, but Peak Design are the closest I've ever found. I have the everyday backpack which goes with me to every job. This messenger is a great option for smaller kits or jobs when the kitchen sink isn't required. 


Books will improve photography skills far more than any piece of kit. There are more photography guidebooks available than you could ever find the time to read. This one is a great start on the 'educational' side. Alternatively, finding out some favourite photographers and hunting out any books they've published is another great option. A couple of my favourites are '50 Portraits' by Gregory Heisler & 'Genesis' by Sebastio Salgado.


A wee final bonus to the top 5 (as I only saw this announced after I wrote the post), the Don, Annie Leibovitz, has just released a new book titled Portraits 2005 - 2016. She is a powerhouse, an absolute icon. So this will be packed with a vast amount of incredible work. Get it here:



Hopefully this has got your creative juices flowing and might inspire some ideas for your nearest & dearest photographer. And I hope they put just as much thought into your gift!

Happy shopping

E x