Wedding Suppliers: My favourites

Props to the wonderful  Bygone Photo Booth  for these ridiculous photos of me & my wife.

Props to the wonderful Bygone Photo Booth for these ridiculous photos of me & my wife.

Everybody will tell you that planning a wedding is a stressful experience, but it really doesn't need to be. It should absolutely be a fun thing that you get to do with your partner (maybe with the exception of culling the guest list!)

There's a seemingly infinite supply of wedding suppliers, for every possible aspect of your day. While the choice is surely a good thing, the limitless possibilities can also be a bit overwhelming. A google search for wedding band/photographer/videographer etc etc is going to give you pages upon pages, and knowing where to start can be enough to drive you to elopement!

A personal recommendation can go a long way. I'm lucky to have amazing clients that keep on referring their friends and family to me, and people feel secure knowing that they're working with somebody who has worked out well with somebody they know. With that in mind, I thought I'd share a list of some of my favourite wedding suppliers in Scotland.

This is by no means exhaustive, but it's hopefully at least a starting point and a source of some ideas for you. These are all people I know personally. Some of them are people I hired for my own wedding, some are people I've worked with at weddings. Either way, they're all people that I'm happy to say will do an amazing job with your big day.

I hope you find something in here that's helpful, good luck!



Just like photography, but moving, and with popcorn. Wedding videos can be awesome.

These people only make awesome videos.

MacDonald Studio

You just need to watch his videos to see how great Robert is. A lovely guy to have around, and ace at what he does.

This video is from a wedding which Barry & I worked at together. He has an amazing way of capturing amazing moments, every time. And he's great chat over dinner, so that's nice for me ;)

This is me and my wife, Cat, cutting into our unbelievable wedding cake from Lisa. Super props to superhero Jen Owens Images for the photo (who, incidentally, was one of my wedding photographers, and is amazing!)

Lisa made my wedding cake, and sometimes I still have dreams about it! From having us in for tea and cake tasting to setting it all up on the day, she was amazing.



Full disclosure, I'm married to Cat, so I'm a bit biased. But, everyone else tells me she's really good as well, and I believe them. I've worked on several weddings with her and we haven't fought once during bridal prep. Also, Gillian is exactly the kind of person you want to hang about with, so much fun, great chat, and really, really good.

Cat Robertson Make-Up



What's a wedding without a party? Nothing kills the night like a bad band, and it's so hard to judge from polished online videos. Please, if this part of the day is important to you, go with a band that you've seen and liked or one that you can get a first hand recommendation for. You definitely don't want to wake up without sore feet!

Nice Bruce & His Blinding Lights


Obviously the type of wedding service that you have is a completely individual choice. We chose to have a humanist service at our wedding. As such, I'm just going to include a couple of my favourite celebrants here. First up, marrying me is

Tim Maguire and a couple of others who I always enjoy working with Brian Hawkins & Ross Wright



Sarah Brown Jewellery

Sarah made our wedding rings. She's so lovely, totally accommodating and makes really cool stuff. Mass market this is not. Totally the place to be for something interesting & unique.



Lazy Sunday made our food for us and totally made the day. I genuinely would shout from the rooftops about how good they are. Not only the food, but on the day co-ordinating, advance planning help and advice, decor. They're superb. Worth every single penny. And that lamb...



You make it look good, you make it sound good, you make it taste good. The Neatly Wrapped Aromatics Co make it smell good. We got married in a barn, filled with these little beauties (we had whisky scented, and now have even more at home). You didn't know you wanted it, now you do ;)


The day after the wedding we got home, unloaded the cards, had a sore head, felt a bit flat to be honest, it was all done. All over. Then, out of a box, came our Bygone Photo Booth guestbook and the world was a better place again. It's loads of fun on the day, and an amazing memento of just how smashed all your pals got. 

While you're in planning mode, head over to Braw Brides for amazing real weddings and loads of ideas. During our wedding planning, I wrote a monthly article on there about my experiences.

I really hope that you find something useful here. If you do end up booking somebody that you see here, be sure to tell them I sent you and I'll try and blag a beer next time I see them ;)

Happy planning!