Top 5 Friday // First Dance Songs


Music. It’s great eh? But also, sometimes, bloody awful. 

Choosing your first dance song can seem just as pressured as choosing your spouse. And it’s part of the day that people regularly stress themselves out over. So I’m sure you’re delighted to hear that we’re going to clear all of that up. Kind of... 


At some point, it became tradition. Something that I harp on about regularly, here and with all of my couples, is that traditions, like rules, are made to be broken (catchy, huh?). Most weddings do have a first dance element, and most weddings have a couple that dread those 3 minutes ‘performing’ for their friends and family. So first things first, if the stress of doing a first dance is going to ruin the day up until that point, this tradition belongs in the bin.  

That being said, it’s a great way to kick off the party, and people love a photo opp before they (and you) get too smashed & dance sweaty. 

So, assuming you’re doing it, a few things to think about it. 

Choose a song you both like.  Seems obvious, but both of you being comfortable with the choice will go a long way to making this an all round more enjoyable time.

You don’t need to shuffle. There seems to be this common idea that first dance songs need to be a slow shuffle around the floor (which, frankly, would make my skin crawl if I had to do it!) If that’s your thing, amazing. But don’t fall into the trap of believing that’s what you need to do.  

Get everyone else involved. Purple Rain would be an epic first dance choice, but at 8 minutes 41 seconds, it’s a long time to be up there. Speak to the person doing the music and tell them to get everybody else on the floor after you’ve have enough. A quick wink will be enough to get the masses on the dance floor with you.


And now, before the anticipation becomes too much, here is, the official,

Top 5 Friday First Dance Tunes of All Time (as chosen by me, in a 100% non-scientific and completely biased fashion). 


1. Dancing in the Dark

This was my first dance song, so it’s a clear winner at number 1. Worth noting that we chose this the day before the wedding, after months about stressing over it. Don’t stress. Don’t be this guy. Be The Boss. 

2. You Can Call Me Al

I shot a wedding recently with a couple called Betty & Al. It didn’t even occur to me until this came on & I lost it. Also, epic first dance choice by a couple of my favs over at Walnut Wasp, and those guys are the epitome of cool. 


3. Purple Rain

8 minutes 41 seconds on lip sync, air guitar, on your knees party time. You’ll almost definitely need some moral support through the last 6 minutes 41 seconds, but this is one hell of a party starter. 

4.  Africa

I can picture it now, all of your friends, all of your family, on their knees, hands in the air, heads back, screaming at the top of their lungs. Romantic, right? Not so much. But you’ve had romance all day. You’re allowed to have some fun as well. Our (way beyond epic!) DJs dropped this half way through the night at our wedding and it brings a tear to the eye to this day thinking about happy that made me. 


5. Fuck Doing A First Dance 

Everybody will tell you what to do. Only two people decide.

If it’s your worst nightmare, skip it, or have a first dance for everybody.  



Top 5 Friday Final Thought

Lists of songs are stupid. Don’t pay any attention to them. This wedding day is about 2 people. You make the choice and whatever you choose, it will be awesome. Happy dancing! E x