The Nicks // Wedding Photos from 29, Glasgow

I love a city centre wedding. 29 in Glasgow is great, right on the door step of so many awesome locations for photos. Even better when you just spend the day having a laugh, which is totally what happened with Nikki & Nicol.

Nikki Nicol_001
Nikki Nicol_005
Nikki Nicol_006
Nikki Nicol_008
Nikki Nicol_009
Nikki Nicol_011
Nikki Nicol_013
Nikki Nicol_014
Nikki Nicol_016
Nikki Nicol_018
Nikki Nicol_020
Nikki Nicol_021
Nikki Nicol_023
Nikki Nicol_024
Nikki Nicol_025
Nikki Nicol_026
Nikki Nicol_027
Nikki Nicol_028
Nikki Nicol_029
Nikki Nicol_031
Nikki Nicol_033
Nikki Nicol_035
Nikki Nicol_036
Nikki Nicol_038
Nikki Nicol_039
Nikki Nicol_041
Nikki Nicol_045
Nikki Nicol_046
Nikki Nicol_053
Nikki Nicol_055
Nikki Nicol_056
Nikki Nicol_058
Nikki Nicol_059
Nikki Nicol_060
Nikki Nicol_061
Nikki Nicol_063
Nikki Nicol_065
Nikki Nicol_069
Nikki Nicol_071
Nikki Nicol_072
Nikki Nicol_080
Nikki Nicol_093
Nikki Nicol_102
Nikki Nicol_103
Nikki Nicol_105
Nikki Nicol_106
Nikki Nicol_113
Nikki Nicol_114
Nikki Nicol_115