Wedding wednesday // Caroline + Chris @ One Devonshire Gardens

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, a fortnightly deep dive into the days of wonder created by and for a couple in love. I'm lucky enough to be invited into so many awesome days, this is a chance to show off some of the great things that happen in front of me.

Today, we're in the city.

I love city weddings. Especially a Glasgow wedding. There is so much character around every corner. Both in the people and the places. 

One Devonshire Gardens is a really cool spot. Tonnes of great spots for photos in the hotel and the lanes and streets around. 

But what's a venue without an awesome couple? A wonderful pair at the centre of an incredible cast of friends & family. Caroline's pals went all out and got her a custom snapchat filter for the day!! What a team!

Their day looked a little bit like this...