Bethan & Paul // Crieff Hydro Wedding Photographs

Bethan Paul_003 Bethan & Paul are both originally from Scotland but have been living for the past couple of years in Australia. They decided that they wanted to get married at home.

As they just flew in the week before the wedding, we went for a visit to Crieff Hydro to meet up and have a chat. When we were there one of the staff took us a drive up to 'The Knock', a pretty epic view point. Paul pointed out at the view and said "and that's why we came back to Scotland".

It's definitely the first time I've ever had a game of tennis & a trampoline to photograph on a wedding day. Also, Bethan found a photograph that she wanted to try out that involved all of the groomsmen looking a bit worse for wear. We waited until just before I left to do it, which thankfully meant there wasn't too much acting required! There's also a semi-NSFW moment near the ends, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Had such a fun one with these guys. Congratulations guys, hope you're not missing a wet Scottish October too much!

Bethan Paul_002

Bethan Paul_004 Bethan Paul_005 Bethan Paul_006 Bethan Paul_007 Bethan Paul_009 Bethan Paul_027 Bethan Paul_028 Bethan Paul_029 Bethan Paul_010 Bethan Paul_012 Bethan Paul_013 Bethan Paul_014 Bethan Paul_015 Bethan Paul_016 Bethan Paul_020 Bethan Paul_021 Bethan Paul_023

Bethan Paul_030 Bethan Paul_031 Bethan Paul_032 Bethan Paul_024 Bethan Paul_025 Bethan Paul_033 Bethan Paul_034 Bethan Paul_026