Ayrshire Beach Wedding @ Seamill Hydro

Seamill Hydro Wedding-23.jpg

A Wedding at Seamill Hydro On The Ayrshire Coast

When I was a kid, my Gran lived across the road from the Seamill Hydro. When we stayed at her house, she’d take us across to the hotel for a ‘keek’ in the windows at the weddings. It was her husband, my grandpa, who owned the camera that I would eventually learn on. From my bedroom at home, with a tilt of the head and a squint, I could see those hills of Arran in the clouds. So, it’s always pretty special heading back to this tiny stretch of the Ayrshire Coast. The hotel has changed a lot since then, but the beach in just like I remember.

Late in the evening, when the sun was setting on this roaster of a summer’s day, Pam & Gav followed me, running down the beach to catch this incredible sunset. It only took a few minutes, and then the sun disappeared. So so grateful to have awesome people like these to photograph.