your wedding album

Photographs are made to be held in your hands, stuffed in shoe boxes, shown to friends, passed from parent to child. They are so much more when they're on paper than on a screen. And the very best way to keep your wedding photographs is in a custom designed Fine Art Album from the awesome people at Folio Albums. They're exclusively available to professional photographers, and produce stunning books to keep and showcase your photos. 

Images are printed directly on to the page and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographic art can be displayed across two pages.

Folio books are the industry standard. They are hand-bound and use the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks; archival-quality materials to last a lifetime.

the design process

1. pick the pics

In your online gallery, select around 60-80 of your favourite photos to include in your album. You can choose more, but the images will end up smaller on the page.

Drop me an email to let me know when you're list is done.

2. design

From your list, I'll custom design your wedding album.

You'll receive a link to view this online where you can leave comments and make changes. You'll then get a chance to approve the final draft before it goes to print. 

3. decisions

Use this form to make selections for cover style & colour, text & font choices, and to confirm your postage address.

Then, it's off to the printers before arriving on your doorstep a few weeks later. 

your options

Once you've finalised your image selection, there are a couple more decisions to make.

Use this form to make your selections.


1. cover style & colour

The images below will show you all colours available for their relevant styles. My favourite is the Essential Cotton in Carbon.

Please note: Not every colour is available in every style.


2. cover personalisation



30 pages - £450

60 pages - £650



30 pages - £575

60 pages - £795


6"x6" duplicate

Duplicate albums can only be ordered as exact copies of full size albums.

30 pages £225

60 pages £325

All prices are inclusive of mainland UK delivery. International deliveries will be subject to shipping fees and any local import tax.