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City Weddings Kick Ass

Great job on choosing Glasgow for your wedding. It's not going to let you down! I love few things more than exploring the changing vibe of the city wih you on your wedding day. It's an adventure!

Who am I? I'm Euan, your wedding photographer. I love to create experimental and eclectic images - at weddings, for music clients, and for lifestyle/editorial. I've shot some of the biggest names in music, but I'm just as engaged shooting personal projects, travel photography, and commercial work. I'm constantly documenting and refining and creating new work.

Have an explore through this page for some hard earned hints on how to nail your city wedding, make sure you end up with killer photos, and have the time of your lives doing it.

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making the most of your city wedding

There are a few things you can do to make sure your wedding, and your wedding photos are killer.



  • Try to please everyone. Make sure you’re both happy, and let the others follow.

  • Check the weather forecast too often. This is Glasgow! One of the awesome things about 29 is the variety of cool spots in the venue for photos. There are also heaps of well sheltered spots really close to the venue for photographs.

  • Forget to spend the day together. Hanging out as you work the room makes candid photographs of you together much more likely.

  • Leave without having a look at my wedding galleries for a better idea of what I’ll do on your wedding day

  • Your wedding, your way. People will fill you with chat of traditions and musts. But it’s your wedding. Do what you’re comfortable with.

  • Expect the unexpected. The city is ever changing, so your photos won’t look like everyone else’s. Get ready for alley ways, stair cases, ‘hilarious’ passer-by-patter (“you’re well punching mate!”)

  • Take a pound for the busker. He’ll probably play you a song.

  • Be prepared for a night time wander. The city comes alive when the lights go down and it makes for awesome photographs.

  • Check out my blog for heaps more helpful chat from wedding world

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there’s more to a wedding than photographs (shhh!)

If you think we’re on the same page, you might also be into some of my favourite suppliers for all the other parts of your wedding.

Planning a wedding can be tough, especially with 3 million options for everything. And sometimes there are things you just didn’t even know you needed (like making your wedding smell good!).

MORNING HEROES: Cat Robertson Make-up & Pinup Hair

MOVIE MAKERS: Macdonald Studios & Worldly Nomands

FLOWERS + BAKERS: Floral Mennagerie & Little Cake Parlour

DANCE FLOOR FILLERS: Nick Bruce and his Blinding Lights & Franco

and a few crazy little things:

The Bygone Photobooth

The Neatly Wrapped Candle Co.

Something Brewed

check out a longer list here


me and my babe wife in the bygone photo booth at our wedding

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so what’s so great about this place anyway?


Don’t get me started, or we could be here a while! So I guess that you’re already booked, or considering booking 29 for your wedding, and so you’re probably a big fan of the venue, and Glasgow. Here’s a few of the things that make a wedding here such a great idea:

  • 29 has it all. If the Glasgow sky brings rain, there are heaps of spots in the venue for awesome photos. From the awesome back staircase to the beautiful skylights in the Supper Club to the catwalks and beautiful ceremony room, you won’t be short of an indoor photo spot.

  • Being in the centre of the city, you’ve got even more great options literally on the doorstep. From the GOMA to Buchanan Street. A quick wander round the streets can make for killer wedding photos. I love to split the time for couple photos across the afternoon and evening so you’re never away from the party for too long. And it gives a chance to check the city out at different times of the day.

  • The wedding team at 29 are 🔥The days run like clockwork and they look after everyone so well. It’s nice to know that things are in good hands so you can concentrate on having all the fun.


a little help from your friends (that’s me!)

I try to get some helpful advice on my blog, based on spending a lot of time at weddings. Have a browse if you’re in planning mode.


You want to see some other weddings from 29, right?

Have a look at some of my amazing clients who had their weddings at 29 in the past or check out my wedding photography gallery page for more highlights.

Also - I strongly recommend checking out full galleries from your wedding photographer, to make sure you're on the same page and that you're seeing what you'd like to see in terms of variety, storytelling, and overall quality - so feel free to have a look through some of my full galleries here.

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Nikki + Nicol

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If you’ve made it this far then we’re already pals, right? Seal the deal and drop me a line with your date and some chat about your wedding.

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