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Crail Cow Shed // A Wedding Dream

The Cow Shed in Crail is a pretty new wedding venue. I love getting to visit venues I haven't been to before, but especially when they're only just getting going. It already has a great reputation after it's first 12 weddings, and totally didn't disappoint. 

A big part of every venue is obviously the couple. Stephanie & Gordon were awesome. Stephanie made her own dress (and one for her mum too!) and was even doing some last minute alterations an hour before she left for the wedding!

They had an outdoor service and nobody blew away in the crazy wind (except a veil!)

Congratulations S&G x 

When The Sun Shines on Loch Lomond // Boturich Castle Wedding

I love going to venues for the first time, especially when they're beauties like Boturich Castle. Loch Lomond is a pretty incredible place, and seeing it from this vantage point, on a day like this, was pretty special.

Add to the mix a couple of crazy kids have the party of their lives, and it was all set up for an epic day. 

I was introduced by Hann-Nora & Steven by my pal and super-photographer Jo Donaldson, who was a bridesmaid. So I was mad chuffed when they booked (I don't know if she did or not, but I'm taking this as a fully fledged endorsement from Jo!)

I need to remember and stick some suncream in my camera bag...

Congrats to you beautiful pair, it was a blast!

And big props to the amazing people that helped make it all happen

Boturich CastleCat Robertson Make-up, Hair by Pew Bridal Stylist, Fiona Higgins Photography on 2nd shooting and Ross Wright - Super Human(ist) for making it all legal.

Scottish Castle Wedding // Jennifer & Andrew

I'd never even heard of Duntreath Castle when Jen first got in touch. Which is ace, as shooting new venues is loads of fun. As it turns out, the venue is an absolute beauty. Hidden away and huge, wandering the grounds in the Spring sunshine was a total joy. Especially with these two laughing all the way.

Thanks to you guys and all your friends for making me so welcome on the day and for having such a laugh, it's make my job such a pleasure. 

Neil + Suzi

That hair!!

This beautiful pair took me to the banks of glorious Loch Lomond for a mini adventure ahead of their wedding.

The perfect engagement  session is in a place you love to be, with the person you love to be with. Simple.

Add in some epic scenery and you're doing things right 

West End Wedding @ Ubiquitous Chip

A sometimes sunny, sometimes torrential, typical Glasgow day, punctuated by the wonderful wedding of Dorrien & Christ at the Ubiquitous Chip.

It was my first time photographing at this venue and I really enjoyed it. It's a great space for it with heaps of beautiful natural light and interesting features. 

After lots of laughs & a few tears during the service, we popped out for a wander around Ashton Lane and Byres Road for some photographs with this cracking pair. "We just love kissing" Dorrien told me. She does not lie :)

Big congrats again guys, much love x

2016 // My Year in Wedding Photographs

It never stops humbling me how many people trust me with their wedding photographs.

I say it often, and it's not even marketing speak, but I really do believe that it's so important to have good photos of your wedding day. It's nice for you to have, but it's more than that, it's a link down the years to your kids and grandkids. 

I married my bff this year as well, and we were lucky to have photos of some people very close to us, who sadly aren't with us anymore. Having them there, even in a small way, was important to us. 

It's been an incredible year for me with a long list of wonderful people in front of my camera. The smiles and laughs on a wedding day are what keep me coming back for more and more. 

One final thing, if you're married, or are getting married, please make sure you print off some photos. Digital is amazing, but nothing will ever beat having a print in your hands. To make it easy, here are a couple of ace labs that you can send your files to &  (worth noting, neither have anything to do with me, I just really want you to print your photos so that somebody will find them in a shoebox in 60 years tim!)

Thank you so much to all the beaut people that have been in front of the camera. 

Have a great holiday season.

Much love,

Euan x 

Woodside Warehouse Wedding

Sometimes (most of the time) people get really caught up in what the weather is going to be like on a wedding day. When I got married, I was getting twice daily reports on the weather from family, for a week beforehand (despite semi-polite requests for them to stop!)

If it rains on your wedding day, it is still your wedding day and you will still have an absolute blast. Helen & Ben are the most perfect example. So much fun all day and not a mention of the fact that Glasgow was doing its thing outside. 

I've learned over the course of many weddings, if you relax and go with it, you will have a much better day. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Huge props to this wonderful pair for having me along, it was a pleasure


Back to GLA // Oran Mor in the Sunshine

So at some point, I heard somebody use the term 'Lightgasm' to describe the excitement you get when the light gets all sexy. No idea who it was, but I'm certain it wasn't me. Anyway, I use the term quite a lot. I did when I went out in the west end with Donna & Barrie. Donna then went and told her mum I had a light orgasm when we were out taking photos. 

Miscommunication can lead to very awkward moments. Poor Janet didn't say another word to me all night :)

These guys were awesome and played along as I went kid in candy shop chasing the light. 

The Rushcrofts @ Dalduff Farm

Day 2 of the weekend of pals' weddings. This time, Dalduff Farm. Quite a long way from Beauly, just as beaut!

I met Katie the same day I met my soon to be wife. Her and Jo are amazing and it's been so much fun seeing their excitement build in the run up to the wedding.

I photographed them not long after they got engaged and had a blast. An even better time at their wedding. I was pretty glad to have a camera to hide behind as I was a wobbly lipped mess for most of it.

All of the love to you beautiful, wonderful ladies


p.s Harry Potter's long lost sister was at the dancing!

The Great Wedding Weekend // The GKimD Tartan Heart

Last week, my pals Kim & Gordon had an incredible wedding on the site of Belladrum festival. 

Amazing, right? Aye, so amazing. 

It was great to spend the day with pals at such a fun wedding. They asked me to take a few photos of their first dance, which they did alone, in the tiny chapel on the site. An epic moment!

I stole them for a couple of other snaps while we were away, including the tartan heart that was still up from the festival which took place a couple of weeks before.

Much love to the GKimD!

Easy As Breathing // Louis & Kirsty's Wedding at Kinkell Byre

A crying dad, surprise car, giggling at willies, double exposures, bubbles, drinking, red doors, dancing, lazy sunday (oh that lamb!), king creosote(!), more dancing, wonderful pals, beautiful bride, the funniest speech I've ever hear, bizarre best man rapping.

My first trip to Kinkell Byre was to photograph old pals Louis & Kirsty getting hitched. So much effort went into it, that it looked effortless. I've never photographed Louis looking so smart, or so happy (happy doesn't sell records, apparently)

So much love to you both and to everyone that made it so great. Hope you had a blast. xxx